29 APR, 2024

LET'S GET TO KNOW ABOUT ‘ค่อยๆ รัก Slowly, surely’ by summer december

We provide you below the synopsis of ‘ค่อยๆ รัก Slowly, surely’ by summer december in English version.

Slowly, surely [English]

Everything begins on that day, when grass jelly falls on someone’s shoes…

If that day Pat wasn't unexpectedly clumsy, his hand was not full of food and drinks that his senior colleagues asked him to pick up, he had no chance to meet a kind man who was not mad at him.

But good impression turned to be a dislike, because that kind man became an evil boss who picked up every pieces and details.

Pat reacted against his boss obviously. The day Pat decided to quit, he complaint every single things about Jeng, including how cruel he was. Jeng was so shocked. Anyway, he was not angry at all. He asked if Pat could give him a chance to be a better boss. Pat said yes.

After that day, they become good partners. The more they work and spend time together, the more Jeng’s feeling towards Pat has changed, step by step.



This title adapted into series called
ค่อยๆ รัก STEP BY STEP






Inspired by the famous novels “ค่อยๆ รัก Slowly, surely by summer december

"Jeng" portrayed by "Man Trisanu Soranun "
"Pat" portrayed by "Ben Bunyapol Likhitamnuayporn"

"Put" portrayed by "Up Poompat Iam-samang"
"Jaab" portrayed by "Saint Paramee Mahatthanadul"
"Jane" portrayed by "Wind Theerameth Phirabawornsuk"




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