29 APR, 2024

LET'S GET TO KNOW ABOUT ‘la pluie ฝนตกครั้งนั้นฉันรักเธอ’ by โดย Eddy

We provide you below the synopsis of ‘la pluie ฝนตกครั้งนั้นฉันรักเธอ’ by Eddy in English version.

la pluie [English]

       There are too many secrets in this world for human beings to expose them all.
       “Saeng Tai” has never believed in either destiny or fate. He always keeps in mind that only him alone can design his own life. Nonetheless, he becomes deaf every time it rains, hearing nothing except the voice of his predetermined soulmate. 

       Contrary to “Phat” who has been waiting to hear that voice for all his life, wishing that the silence will be replaced with the voice of his foreordained significant other someday, but he still hears nothing no matter how long he has waited. The drastic difference in their beliefs is like a game of tug-and-pull which is controlled by the rope of fate lacing the persevering and the obstinate together in the pouring rain.



This title adapted into series called
LA PLUIE THE SERIES ฝนตกครั้งนั้นฉันรักเธอ

"Phat" portrayed by "P - Peerawich Ploynumpol"
"Saeng Tai" portrayed by "Title - Tanatorn Saenangkanikorn"



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